Farragut Lions Club

On February 22, 1974, the Concord Lions held its official charter night.  There were twenty new club members present along with a host of guests.  The club functioned under the name of the Concord Lions until June 7, 1982.  At that time the name was changed to coincide with the newly incorporated Town of Farragut.  Since then it has been the Farragut Lions Club.

The Lions Club is the largest international service club with over 1.3 million members in 44,000 clubs.  It is a service club of men and women of all ages working together to improve our world.


Stanley B. Ballard                             David E. McMilla
Asa O. Bishop, Jr.                             Shelby Mill
Samuel Bledsoe                                John C. Morgan
Mike Butler                                       William Y. Shields
John M. Cross                                    Richard A. Shumake
James Taylor Dulaney                      Harvey E. Springer
Maurice E. Henderson                      Edward R. Thomas
E.W. Johnson                                     Ronald G. Thompson
Fred W. Jones                                    Charles H. Tschanz
Dennis G. Kenner                              Maurice L. Young